Safe Step Walk-in Tub Cost & Average Prices

Safe Step walk in tub cost and pricing options for seniors and those with disabilities

In the United States, many fatalities and injuries are caused by bathroom accidents from slipping and falling. A large majority of the population involved in bathroom incidents are senior citizens and those with limited abilities.

When you become apart of the elderly or disabled community a good portion long for one thing and one thing only and that is to have some sense of independence restored and when you can bathe your own self without worrying about injury this can be a great thing emotionally and mentally. Everybody loves privacy and needing assistance in the bathroom can feel like a loss of privacy during such an intimate daily routine even when necessary.

Which brings me to the Safe Step walk-in bathtub designed to do exactly what was mentioned, restore the independence of many elderly and disabled people that want to be able to care for their own hygiene without risking injury or fatalities, while also enjoy a relaxing experience with massaging jets, aromatherapy etc.

The two-thirds of reported bathroom incidents come from stepping over a high level to get into and out of a wet bathtub. Or slipping on a wet floor and last but most certainly not least, leaning against a shower glass door as means of support when shower glass doors were not designed to support the weight of grown adults. Sadly, one and three adults are over the age of 65 because they lose their balance or the eye sight starts to fade interfering with their judgment in how much distance it is to step out of the bathtub.


Safe Step Walk-in Tub Safety FeaturesWalk-in bathtub for seniors

Safe step is designed to give people a much lower step-in clearance. The safety features that come standard to Safe Step are features that other companies refer to as "special features" or add-on features. Safe step makes these "special features" standard to all of their products without additional cost and made with high quality materials.

Some of their standard features:

  • A quick release drain - nobody wants to go reaching under water to pull the plug and with Safe Step it is conveniently located in a in-reach location to avoid straining your back and easy to turn.
  • A door that is much more broad giving more space to step in and out.
  • Safe water ozone system - kills bacteria
  • 17" high mounted chair with anti-slip protection
  • Heated seat and backrest - keep you warm while the water fills and drains
  • Given a solid finish to make maintenance easier - easy to clean!
  • A locking handle that is ergonomic and user-friendly - no muscles needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus much, much more standard features included in the price of the walk-in tub.

Safety First - Relaxing Atmosphere Is a Bonus

When you're elderly or disabled, safety is your number one priority aside from wanting to keep your independence and privacy, but it's an added bonus when your new found independence makes you feel like you took a drive to a spa for some serious relaxation.

Here's a few things you can expect when you're stepping into a fine walk-in tub:

  • Aromatherapy - There's a reason why people like scented oils or scented candles while the bathe and those are stress reducing, anxiety reducing and muscle relaxing effects. Combine that with some jets and you might as well bring a book or a glass of wine - you will be a while.
  • Hydro-jet Therapy - Speaking of jets how about 10 massaging jets pinpointing all of the parts of your body that are filled with build-up tension. Even if you don't think you have build-up tension you probably do and haven't experienced the effects yet but no worries when these massaging jets will keep you in the dark about them.
  • Your own personal bidet - Not the topic everyone likes to bring up when bragging about their new walk-n tub or toilet for that matter, but there is a positive reason for having one. Sanitation at its finest.
  • Chromotherapy - This one may not sound so therapeutic but it really is. Having multiple lights shining in a bathroom with the lights off, music playing and the jets going is very relaxing.
  • Microsoothe Air Therapy - Want something rejuvenating? This system will release millions of oxygen filled bubbles that will nourish your skin and cover your body with a warm massage leaving your body feeling silky and refreshed.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Cost on Average

The prices will be based solely on the area of the bathroom that the walk-in tubs are being installed or how difficult the project - some bathrooms are styled oddly and not too cookie cutter, but here are some averages I've found regarding Safe Step walk-in tubs.

$9,000 seems to be the base price for regular models without add-on features and up to as much as $25,000 and this isn't including a professional installation which could be an extra $5,000. Not too mention the more complex of an installation the higher the cost will be.EXTRA COST

As mentioned previously, the installation is a separate charge from the walk-in tub purchase, so you're looking at an extra $5,000, depending on the difficulty of the install, being added onto your bill.

If you want the tub made of the highest level of quality do expect the price tag to go up into the higher priced spectrum of the average I've given you.

Complex installs will probably end up raising your installation bill by up to 30% so do make sure you know what kind of budget you have if your bathroom isn't too conventional.

What Impacts The Cost of Safe Step Walk-in Tubs?

Since the staff of Safe Step won't offer you a price quote over the phone and you have to wait until a sales representative does a walk-through in your bathroom you will discover that you're dealing with a more expensive walk-in tub company compared to the other leading companies but with good reason. The company Safe Step use high quality materials even on their cheaper based models.

The prices will also depend on the brand and size you're going to choose. So before you ask for the biggest and widest tub make sure your wallet can back you up.

The location at which you live can also have a price changing factor. For example, if you live in a rich-type of location where the cost of living is high, you may expect your local dealer to charge according to where you live. In reverse, you may get a better deal if you live in a cheaper living area.


See if you can have the walk-in tub drop shipped will save you a lot of money on the shipping cost which are pretty hefty for something that weighs a lot.

Also, have you ever showed up at a cruise without a ticket but loaded with a suitcase? Many people do this to get cheap deals on rooms that haven't been sold yet and these people can see almost 50% savings, same could be said for calling your local dealer and check to see if they have any cancellations and need to make room in their warehouse. You most likely will receive an attractive discount.

If you're up to the challenge or love the adrenaline of getting a good deal you could always haggle with the sales representative -- you never know until you try -- they are in the business of sales and want to make a sale!


Sometimes they advertise a $1500 special so keep a look out for one of those and make sure you bring it up at the time you schedule the appointment for the walk-through and bring it up again the day the sales representative comes to your home.