Walk-in Bathtub Prices & Comparison List

TheraTub Walk-in Tub Prices

Theratub walk in tub prices and comparison for seniors and those with disabilitesTheraTub is a Florida based company that will give you a quote over the phone. They use thicker fiber glass for their tubs and utilize a shorter stepping clearance. Making it much easier to step in and out of the walk-in tub. They use a very generous amount of coating on their tubs, which allows for an easier cleaning process while also providing a beautiful glossy shine.

Their customer service is outstanding as they put consumers interest before their own. They do this by saving money on lack of advertising in order for their consumers to save thousands of dollars on their products compared to other manufacturing companies.

Their products all come with a lifetime warranty and it extends further than most warranties offered. If your motor breaks down they will fix it.

Another noteworthy fact is that they will add-on incentives that other companies' charge extra for i.e., they will throw in a padded seat cushion or grab-bars without charging extra.


What size water heater do I need for their bands?

A water heater that holds a capacity for at least 40 gallons is sufficient. Most residential homes have a water heater that holds up to 75 gallons of water, so I don't believe you'll have a problem at all.

What colors come along with their chromotherapy system?

A large variety, such as, magenta, turquoise, blue, white; orange, red, yellow and green.

Can I have a Bidet Jet added into the installation?

Yes. If you want a Bidet or ozonation system (kills bacteria) not a problem. Some models come with it already installed but if the one you choose doesn't have one it can be implemented.

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Prices

SafeStep walk-in tub prices and optionsThis walk-in tub company focuses on one walk-in tub and one tub only. Now don't take this as a bad sign, because with SAFE STEP quality definitely overshadows quantity.

Their walk-in tub comes with all features in one without the need to purchase separately. Simple process. Here are some of their main features for this model:


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  • Chromatherapy - Is a colored lighting system that offers a relaxing soaking experience. Nothing intense just enough to set a relaxing ambience.
  • Hydrojet Water Therapy - This feature gives you the choice of up to twenty-six jets that will massage your body. You don't have to implement all twenty-six jets to your bathing experience as this system lets you select how many go on at any given time.
  • Microsoothe - Allows you to feel like you're a lobster in your own pot. Not quite. It does provide a bubbling effect that will feel extremely relaxing
  • Aromatherapy - This is a neat feature that reminds me of a glade plug-in. It will emit a relaxing scent into the air while you bathe. Spa-treatment in your own bathroom.
  • Inline heater - This feature is one of my favorite, because nothing is worst than enjoying your bath for the water to get cold too quick. This inline heater will keep your bath water at the temperature you want for as long as you want.
  • Seat and Lower back heating system- Since we know you have to remain in the walk-in tub until the water is fully drain. This system will keep the your seat heated while you wait for the water to drain. No reason to feel cold waiting on a wet seat.

The door is engineered to keep all water secure and the handle is user-friendly so not too much pressure will be needed to open or close the walk-in tubs door.


What does their lifetime warranty cover?

The walk-in tub and shower and any mechanical/manufacturing parts. The tubs door seal and faucet, the water pump, blowers and heaters. A nice packaged deal.

Will Medicare or medicaid cover any cost?

Unfortunately, no.

Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Bathtub Costs

Ella Bubbles walkin in tub prices and average costs for seniors and those with disabilitiesIf you're one that likes more variety to choose from then Ella's bubbles provides just that. Gel coated and acrylic lined where you can choose from an air massage (who wouldn't want that) a dual massage or a hydrotherapy massage. I feel relaxed just discussing it.

Their walk-in tubs come enhanced with consumers safety in mind with their extensive features. Let's see what their features entail, shall we?

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  • An anti-slip floor
  • Opening - The entrance way is rounded allowing for a much easier way for getting in and out of the tub
  • Low level step
  • Grab bars - allowing the user to get out of the tub without putting too much pressure on their body and back
  • Coating - The acrylic that is lining the tub is porous, which makes it difficult for the tub to develop mold or bacteria build-up

Their tubs don't come with a lifetime warranty. The body of the tub allows for 25 years of warranty, however, the pumps and faucets only give a 5 year warranty. The air jets and door seals are the only two features equipped with a lifetime warranty.

Q&AIs there a feature to stay warm while the tub fills or drains?

Yes. There are two water diverters on Ella's walk-in tubs where one can be pulled out to use on your body to keep warm while the other does its job filling the tub. They can be used simultaneously or independently.

What products should I use to clean their tubs?

Vinegar and water is the top recommended. Dawn dish detergent is another recommended product and scrub free soap scum remover to name a few.



Premier walk-in bathtub prices - get the average cost in your area.Here we have a company that makes large strides to enhance the safety in both their tubs and showers with the lives of the disabled and elderly at their core priority. But are they hitting the mark?

They don't provide quotes over the phone or through email. The prices will be based on in-house visits by their team experts, however, it is quite known that their products fall under the more expensive side. Be prepared financially before calling this company. They provide excellent service and products but make sure it's within your budget.

The price will also depend on how much work is involved with the installation process and the model you are choosing, so you could end up with an affordable deal. Get someone to come out and give you a quote.

The walk-in tub body is covered by a 10-year warranty, and a one year warranty on their mechanical parts, such as, their fixtures and accessories. Also including in their one year warranty is their hydrovescent therapy system.

The only lifetime warranty this company provides for is on the door seal. They don't come with any mold protection like some of the other manufacturer's.

They have the same standard safety features like other companies have. As follows:

  • A dual lock door that is user-friendly
  • Slip grip flooring
  • Those with sensitive skin can be assured with the models anti-scold water control
  • Seat comes with an automatic heat turn off system
  • Comfortable backrest


Does medicare cover cost?

No, but based on credit checks they can provide an affordable payment plan.

Do there seats come heated?

Yes! They do provide heated seats to avoid getting cold while you sit wet waiting for the tub to drain. Plus the backrest will heat up also.

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American Standard Walk-in Tub

American standard walk-in tub prices in your local area.The products that this company sells are not on my favorites list and they get their products made in China instead of the United States like some of the previous companies I've mentioned hear. They say their products are put together in the U.S but let's not forget that the products were imported from China. Big difference.

This company also charges one of the highest installation fees around. Giving their name "American Standard" I was expecting a little bit more American in their product. Another noteworthy fact is that with such high installation cost they don't even include some of the standard additions that come with the initial purchase.

I just don't think the quality really compensates for the price people will have to pay for their walk-in tubs. I recommend sticking to the above brands before going with the "American Standard" I mean, there were a few happy customers but more complaints than anything.

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Here are some of their features:

  • Made of Acrylic
  • Tile flange
  • Hand shower holder and a slide bar that is ADA compliant

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub Prices

Jacuzzi walk-in tub prices - get the average cost of a jucuzzi tub in your area today.The Jacuzzi brand in whirlpools and walk-in tubs is like the Ford Model T car in automobiles. The Jacuzzi paved the way for the love of air jets and hot tubs. People couldn't get enough of these Jacuzzi's and it became a fan favorite for outdoor parties. Relaxing in a Jacuzzi with friends while sipping on some bubbly were the-go-to.

Now they are paying close attention to the disabled and elderly that would like to remain independent while taking their baths.

There is only one model walk-in tub to choose from but it comes in a large variety of sizes and different features. Some features as follows:

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  • Whirlpool - This is their pretty standard option in hydrotherapy that will help released negative toxins from your body while giving your soaking water a swirly, and relaxing effect
  • Pure Air - If you really like soaking in a tub full of bubbles then this would be your go-to-feature. Too many bubbles will make me feel nauseous. Many people love feeling like they're inside of a glass filled with an Alka-Seltzer
  • Salon Spa - This feature allows you to choose from powerful massaging jets to a less intense relaxing bubbly experience
  • There is no mold or bacteria protection on this Jacuzzi, nor does the warranty doesn't seem too attractive and that you would have to speak to the manufacturer directly to get an exact bit of information on the body of the tubs warranty.


How much safer are the Jacuzzi walk-in tubs versus a traditional bathtub?

The walk-in tubs are slip-proof, leak-proof, low step entrance making it much easier to step in and out of the tub. There are grab-bars include for extra safety. Anti-scold valves that prevent users from getting harmed by hot temperatures.

Will Jacuzzi tubs fit into all bathrooms?

Yes! Their tubs are made to replace all bathtubs and are made for remodeling jobs. Even if your bathroom is weirdly shaped, their installers will come to your house prepared with trim kits and experienced techniques for getting any job done.

What will they do with the existing bathtub and shower that was replaced?

They will remove it and cleanup all installation mess.


Best Buy Walk-in Bathtub Prices

Best Buy walk-in tub costs and prices for seniors and those with disabilitiesIf you're looking for an American made walk-in tub then here's Best Buy they are a Texas based manufacturing company that do their own installs in the Oklahoma and Texas area. With five models to choose from and the additional add-on features I'm sure you can find one just for you.

Their special add-on features are a wheel chair ramp and a powered battery bath lifter. The step in clearance is about average, which I believe is 5.5 inches in height.


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  • Gel-coated - this helps the shell of the tub shield any fading early on.
  • In-line water heater - No need to sit in a cold bath as the in-line heater will keep you water at the perfect temperature as you finish your book.
  • Marine-grade fiberglass - A steel frame that will feel very sturdy.

*Their seat is at 16" which 17" is more in compliant with the ADA recommendation. Only slightly shorter but still shorter nonetheless.

The lifetime warranty is for their seal and door and there is a limited 10 year warranty on select products.


What does the prices look like?

7,700-11,000 fully installed based on the features and the models chosen; along with the area the model is being installed in.

What size hot water heater do they recommend?

A hot water heater that can hold 50 gallons of water or greater.

Can I shower inside the tub?

Some companies have hand-held shower heads mountain on the tub itself, however, this company has the shower head mounted onto the wall, but yes, you can shower inside the walk-n tub.


Comfort Walk-in Tub Costs

Comfort walk in bathtub costs This manufacturer makes a lot of claims of being the best in the business. Here is a listing of these claims:

  • Fastest draining system - A dual draining system that completes start to finish in under 80 seconds
  • A quick fill technology - They say their tub fills in under 5 minutes with the water temperature remaining consistent i.e., not providing an uneven temperature throughout the filling process
  • Dual massaging system - The customer gets to choose how intense or how low the air jets will release it's pressure - how many jets opened at any given time
  • A leg only massaging option - One can have the leg massaging jet on their legs while the rest of the tub fills with water. This option is also good for those that only need a therapeutic massage on their legs that go hand-in-hand with working with physical therapy
  • They are within ADA compliance with their seating being the recommend 17" inches.

There is lifetime warranty on the tub shell and door seal and there is a lifetime warranty on their doors if ever there is a sign of any leaking. The mechanical parts get a 5 year warranty and a two full years warranty for any labor involved with the tub.

Not the best warranty but not the worst. It is made from China but from what I've read pertaining to the consumer reviews say that the product is decently made, on a less than average spectrum, but very few complaints.


Do they carry any oversized walk-in tubs?

Yes! They have a few to choose from that can hold up to 90 gallons of water

Any walk-in tubs that are wheelchair accessible?

From what I've seen and read they have two models with 21 inch contoured seating made so a user can easily slide onto the seat from wheelchair and it entails a hand-held shower head giving the user even more independence and privacy.

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Bliss Walk-in Tub Costs

Bliss walk-in tub prices and average costs for seniorsHere is one that is higher in price than the others, but with good cause. There are very little and I'm being pretty relaxed with the word "little" negative reviews on the manufacturers products. It's of great quality. They use a steel frame that provides a sturdier feel and the tub is made of woven fiber glass.

The name speaks loudly, so to speak, for the lack of noise their motor produces that other walk-in tubs still give off. It's blissfully peaceful. No noise pollution when filling your tub or draining it. The manufacuter likes to say that their jets are too powerful to call them "champagne bubbly" in other words, weak.

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Let's checkout their features:

  • Twenty models that can be customized
  • Bliss Air massage - It's air massage therapy system comes loaded with 18 state of the art jets that penetrate a consistent stream throughout your joints. You will feel the air bubbles on your hips, legs, back knees releasing nearly all tension on your body due to stress
  • Dual Therapy System - There are two interchangeable massaging jets that work together to give you the best massaging experience from 10 water jets and 16 air jets that can be adjusted in speed to the consumers comfort levels.
  • Bliss Aromatherapy - There is a reason why people like lighting scented candles while the bath. So this walk-in tub comes with aromatherapy that will release a scented, all natural, oils for a stress reduced and relaxing soak. They do give you a warm up package where you can figure out which scent you love the best.


Can the walk-in tub be used as a shower or just a bath tub?

The walk-in tubs come with a mounted hand-held shower head that is ideal for those wanting to shower while soaking in the tub. If you need it, the mounted shower head can be installed onto your wall, instead.

How long after ordering to I receive the walk-in tub?

10-14 days seem to be general consensus. It's the average based on your own local dealer.

Acrylic or Fiberglass, which is better?

Fiberglass. Acrylic tends to look plastic or cheaply made.

Envy Walk-in Tub Prices

Envy walk-in tub prices and options costsWith the name ENVY I would expect more to envy in regards to their products. They are made in China and of mid-level quality. Not all installations are done by the manufacturers but carried out my another source that the consumer pays for. I'm not too keen on that one. The body is sturdy and made of acrylic.


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Here are some of their features:

  • Hand-held shower head that is deck mounted - this allows the user to comfortably bathe and wash their hair without using a conventional stand up shower.
  • Hydro and Air Jet System - the Hydro jet works on "pressure points" as it targets areas with more tension while the air jet utilizes 21 jets massaging every bit of your body that is underwater.
  • Door mounted towel rack - sounds pretty simple but it is convenient

There are many add-on features to choose from that look and sound relaxing to have implement but that will be based on your own individual wants and needs.

Q & A

Do these tubs come with seating?

Yes, they are compliant with the ADA sitting 17" inches high and molded in a contoured fashion

Do the tubs come with a faucet?

Yes. You will not have to worry about paying separately for this convenient feature. The faucet is chrome plated brass made of top quality.

Are the door handles ergonomic?

They aren't as sharp as other walk-in tubs, or at least the traditional handles that can leave the user bruised if bumped into. Their handles are smooth and provide and extra safety feature making it even more safe to enter and exit the tub. It is also a lot easier to open and lock--not too much muscle needed at all.


Rane Walk-in Tub Prices & Options

Rane walk-in tub costs and option prices for seniorsMade in the U.S.A Rane manufactures both industrial and residential walk-in tubs. They are not sold directly from the manufacturer themselves as the have independent dealers selling their products, which also means we can't give you a definite answer for the customer service, however, from what I've read thus far, there seems to be many happy consumers.

Their warranty isn't too shabby as the shell of the tub gets a 5 year warranty and it's mechanical parts get 3 years. The door seal receives a lifetime warranty.

The company uses outswing doors that are not welcomed in many bathrooms so you will have to see if your bathroom can accommodate their tubs. Not only is their bath tubs not meant for every home the price is on the mid-higher range.

Some standard features that can be found on their models:

  • Handheld shower wand - this is convenient when you need to wash your hair along with enjoying the jets.
  • Roman deck mount - made with high quality solid brass and polished chrome giving it an elegant look in ones bathroom


Do any of the walk-in tubs come with a removable access panel?

If needing for transfer devices you will be happy to know a great portion of their models if not all do come with a removable access panel.

What is the average drill/fill time for all the models?

For a 60 gallon water capacity it will take 5 min to fill and 2 min to drain.

For a 75 gallon water capacity it will take 6 min/15 seconds to fill and 2 minutes/45 seconds to drain.

For a 65 gallon water capacity it will take 5 minutes/25 seconds to fill and 1 min/35 seconds to drain

That's just to name a few options. They have a large variety to choose from that uses different amounts of water levels.

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Safe Step Walk-in Tub Cost & Average Prices

Safe Step walk in tub cost and pricing options for seniors and those with disabilities

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